Color Me Night

Color Me Night represents about 10 years of travel – sometimes on assignment, sometimes not – just photographing my immediate surroundings, always and only at night. From North America to Europe to Asia and Africa, my journey took me from a sedentary lifestyle, working as a studio artist in Chicago, to a peripatetic one as a photojournalist covering conflicts and social upheaval in such places as Afghanistan, Southern Turkey, Kenya, Thailand or the border between Chad and Sudan. 

In my work I encountered a great deal of death, destruction, and oppression – in short, the darkest aspects of humanity. This prompted big questions about our nature as human beings and about my own motivation to bear witness. I suppose you could say it took me to a very dark place. And yet these images are a celebration of life, of decadence, freedom and love, things one often feels intensely when confronted with their counterparts.

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+33 06 08 46 97 90

© Anne Holmes 2016. All Rights Reserved

+33 06 08 46 97 90

© Anne Holmes  All Rights Reserved

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