Oct 11, 2010


by | Oct 11, 2010

Anne Holmes
Journalist / Media Consultant
In 2008 I received an email from James Whitlow Delano asking me if I would like to participate in a philanthropic venture. After the untimely death of his only sister, Jeanne, he realized how grateful he was for the palliative hospice care she received in her last days, and he wanted to give something back. My father had also received hospice care in the time leading up to his death, just a few years prior to James’ proposal, and I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to an effort to raise money for the kind of aid and comfort that hospice workers provide for the dying and their loved ones. The humble staff of the center where my father was cared for worked with inherent dedication and diligence to eliminate his physical pain, to help us to understand the psychological states of dying, and to say goodbye in the best of all possible conditions. The compassion, knowledge and mercy they provided us were an invaluable gift.

James succeeded in enlisting over a hundred photographers, asking each of us the same thing: to provide one photograph that expressed the notion of “mercy.” It is with great pleasure that I announce the completion of his project and solicit your support for this endeavor. Proceeds and royalties will go entirely to National Hospice Foundation in the US and Japan Hospice Palliative Care Foundation.

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Contributing Photographers:

James Whitlow Delano, Lori Grinker, Marcus Bleasdale, Jacob Au Sobol, Renee C. Byer, Munem Wasif, Arantxa Cedillo, Ken Light, Charles Pertwee, Sara Terry, Chris Steele-Perkins, Suzanne Lee, A. K. Kimoto, Alexandra Boulat, V. J. Villafranca, Tomas Munita, Nic Dunlop, Teru Kuwayama, Maggie Steber, Michael Kenna, Eric Rechsteiner, Ami Vitale, Lynsey Addario, Tim Hetherington, Balazs Gardi, Masaru Goto, Jeff Jacobson, Adam Ferguson, David Coll Blanco, Yoshihiro Hagiwara, Don Bartletti, Stuart Isett, Shepard Sherbell, Gilles Perrin, Andrea Frazzetta, Ed Kashi, Moises Saman, J. B. Reed, Adam Dean, Nina Berman, Chantal Heijnen, Idalina Pedrosa, Lorenzo Castore, Matthew Sleeth, Atsushi Okada, Jon Golden, David Geraghty, Alberto Giuliani, Yasuhiro Ogawa, Gary Knight, Image courtesy Edward Burtynsky & Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Marc Asnin, Michael Wong, Anne Holmes, Daniel Traub, Greg Gorman, Shiho Fukada, Katharina Hesse, Kenji Hosoe, Brian English, Herb Ritts, Martin Parr, Tamara Voninski, David Alan Harvey, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Jeff Dunas, Shelby Lee Adams, Macduff Everton, Andy Rain, Alessandro Belgiojoso, Seamus Murphy, Andrew Kaufman, Kosuke Okahara, Justin Jin, Martin Reeves, Ron Haviv, Q. Sakamaki, Paolo Pellegrin , Marina Black, David Butow, John Vink, Keri Pickett, John Stanmeyer, Rena Effendi, Simon Larbelastier, Nick Nostitz, Toshiya Momose, Steve McCurry, Francoise Callier, Will Baxter, Jae-Hyun Seok, Erika Larsen, Patrick Brown, Roger Lemoyne, Alice Smeets, Philip Blenkinsop, Agnes Dherbeys, Sirio Magnabosco, Monika Bielskyte, Jean Chung, Guy Calaf, David Hogsholt, Beniamino Terraneo, Ken Kitano, Bob Black, Jonathan Luckhurst, Hiroshi Watanabe, David Dare Parker, Enno Kapitza, Simon Norfolk, Mark Peterson, Eikoh Hosoe, Andrew Jamieson, Kevin Chan, Kevin Lynch, Giovanni Del Brenna, Nick Vaccaro, Antonin Kratochvil


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