The Ilisu Dam Project

Feb 16, 2010

The Ilisu Dam Project

by | Feb 16, 2010

Anne Holmes

Journalist / Media Consultant

Turkey has plans to build a massive dam on the Tigris river that would displace an estimated 55,000 people, submerge a 10,000-year old city, and could reduce water flow to neighboring Iraq and Syria by approximately 50%. Water disputes have troubled relations between the riparian countries for years.

Existing Turkish dams on the Euphrates have already reduced water flow, and Turkey has not always respected the output levels agreed upon, well aware that their upper hand on the issue is a powerful political leverage tool. The project is sited by concerned watchdog groups as one that has the potential to lead to a water war.

Not since the Three Gorges Dam has there been a more controversial project. Several European countries were financing the project until last summer, when, under pressure from the public, due to Turkey’s failure to adhere to international standards, they pulled out. The state recently acquired the necessary credits from Turkish and Chinese banks, and construction has resumed.

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