It’s Our Time to Eat

Jan 15, 2010

It’s Our Time to Eat

by | Jan 15, 2010

Anne Holmes

Journalist / Media Consultant

Two years after the post-election violence rocked Kenya, I went searching back through my archives and discovered a black and white series which has a more documentary approach to the subject matter.

I spent three months covering events in Kenya on a daily basis starting in January 2008. Most of my photographs were distributed to news outlets via Reuters. Editors sought wire-style images, but many of the photographs I was taking didn’t fall in that category and, not surprisingly, they tell the story in a more in-depth and intimate fashion.

“It’s our time to eat,” was a phrase oft used by opposition supporters who felt they have historically been deprived of power and economic advantages enjoyed by other ethnicities. The phrase was first coined in Michela Wrong’s ground-breaking book by the same title.

You can view a select edit on my archive.

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